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UX & Product Design Leader, who helps tech companies and design teams build meaningful products through human-centred design. Along with this, I'm on a mission to influence and scale the design culture in engineering-led organisations by creating the best UX design teams in the industry.

Over 14 years, I've worked as a UX and Product Designer for tech companies in Portugal and the UK, helping designers, product managers, and engineers create exceptional experiences. For the past 6 years, my focus has shifted towards establishing and nurturing UX practices within design and multidisciplinary teams, fostering innovation and collaboration.

Let's connect and exchange insights on our challenges and learnings :)

User Experience Design (UX) • Product Design • Design Leadership • People Management • Coaching & Mentoring • Design Operations and Design Systems

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Get in touch!                                                                                        ☎  +351 917 373 380    ?  hello@soniagomes.me